Gnami Git browser

21 May '13

This time I want to present the git repository browser, which is integrated into gnami.

  • Commit view

    On this picture you can see a git commit with its tree (files/folders at the time the commit was done).

  • Commit lineage

    Here you can see the commit browser, showing the commits and their lineage in a nice HTML5-Canvas graph.

This browser is integrated into this page, so you can check it online right now.

Here you can check the contents of this blog.

And here you can look at the commits of gnami.

hf & gl

by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1

Today I spent the whole day configuring my Vim editor. Before I was using carlhuda/janus. I liked it, but I knew I wasn’t using the whole potential of it. I mean, the best thing in vim is the ability to customize so much. After reading several blog posts (e.g. Clif Reeder’s `Leaving Janus for Vim`) I decided to setup my .vim and .vimrc on my own (to a certain degree…).

Here is my new configuration: kulpae/dotfiles.

And that’s how it looks like:

By the way, that’s console. Of course it’s a console emulator. Here it’s XFCE/Terminal, but any other modern emulator would work as well.

And when I open gvim (vims graphical version) it almost looks the same!

I’m so happy now XD.

by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1

Probably I never told it, but I named my website engine ‘gnami’. It originated
from the previous engine I called ‘nami’ in honour of the female character from
the anime ‘One Piece’. It’s due to my habit to give my projects names of
women I mostly respect or like. This may sound silly, but it’s how I am.

After I tried to utilize the possibilities of the SCM ‘git’ in combination
with a website, the prefix ‘g’ was born and the engine got a new name: ‘gnami’.
Not a long time ago, I began to think of a possibility to host a git repo with
the same chest of tools.

So with the current update of 25th July 2012 I introduce a new repository
browser, where you can browse the data and the gnami repositories. Later I’ll
use this technology to present you more of my work.

Right now it’s very simplistic, and buggy, so that’s the issue I’ll address
with the next update. Maybe.

Lately I also was teaching myself how to make a simple game like pacman. I’m
using libgdx with eclipse for that, which allows me to develop pretty fast.
So the next repository I’m going to publish will be for this project.

By the way, I improved the layout & style of this page, so that it’s looking better (I
think) on mobile devices and has some character to it.

bye, kulpae

by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1

Lately I was playing with bukkit .
Bukkit is a server addon for vanilla minecraft server.
As the vanilla minecraft doesn’t support addons, it’s
technically a deobfuscated and extended version of it.

The benefit of using it is the ability to extend it’s
functionality with plugins. And it’s also very easy to write own plugins.

So I gave it a go. I was surprised how easy it is to tinker on it.
In 10 minutes I wrote a plugin, that killed every mob spawned
closer to me than 50 meters with a lightning! That was amazing.

It’s API is very clean. I like it very much.

So now I’m working on a plugin, that allows to pray to a deity in order to
load water with holy power. This water then can be used to cleanse locations,
so that no mobs get spawned there. Let’s see if I’ll’ manage it.


by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1


21 May '13

Let’s start again. Why? Because we can.
This time I’m posting from git. I’m commiting a file and instantly this post
appears on Amazing! Isn’t it?

So, now get productive.

by kulpae via commit 215df0baf1